About PCDA

Pike County Development Authority (PCDA) was formed in 1982 to conduct economic development efforts in Pike County.  PCDA operates as a Missouri non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors, who represent
various sectors of the county and control the direction of the company. 

PCDA’s mission is to create jobs and improve the quality of life in Pike County and regionally. Economic development is not just a marketing effort to entice businesses to relocate into a community. Today, economic development is truly about quality of life. It’s about increasing per capita wages, training a workforce and enhancing infrastructure that in turn protects and enhances our area’s resources. This is achieved by providing existing businesses and potential businesses with access to specific information and an array of programs, (local, state and federal), that are available to help with their expansion and growth, or to establish a new business.

Pike County has some tremendous advantages to offer prospective businesses, but potential businesses must be made aware of these benefits.  PCDA creates marketing pieces that are distributed through various venues such as:  Trade Publications, Trade Shows, Direct Mailings, Personal Visits and Associates. Provides information about various grants and assist with applications

 PCDA researches and compiles reports on information including: Labor Surveys, Demographic Studies, Real Estate Comparisons..  This vital information is used to evaluate the area by not only prospective businesses, but local governments as well, and also as a yardstick for targeting specific development trends in the area.


 Courthouse Annex 

PCDA Board Members & Staff

 President-Don Hays 
 Vice President-Jim Ford 
 Secretary-Mel Motley 
 Treasurer-Larry Gamm 
 Chris Gamm 
 Michael Cosman 
 Jeff Guay 
 Executive Director-CarolynWisecarver 
 Executive Assistant-Melinda Black 
 Secretary-Amanda Haas