highwayHighways Pike County has access to several major highways.
U.S. Highway 61 is a 4-lane highway known as the "The Avenue of the Saints"
it runs north to St. Paul, MN and south to St. Louis, MO. U.S. Highway 54 is
a 2-lane highway that runs west & south to I-70 and east to I-72.
State Highway 79 is also a 2-lane highway and is known as Missouri's "Scenic Byway"
it runs south to I-70 and north to State Hwy. 36. I-70 is the nearest Interstate and
is located 45 miles from Pike County.
Rail Missouri ranks tenth in the U.S. in total rail mileage and rail traffic. Both the
Kansas City Southern and Burlington Northern Railways provide excellent rail service
to our local businesses. The Kansas City Southern railway runs along U.S. 54 and through
Pike County. Kansas City Southern runs through both Kansas City and St. Louis, where
there are multiple interchanges. Burlington Northern runs north to south with access
in the county as well.
BargeBarge Service Fourteen port districts and more than 1,040 miles of navigable
waterway on the Mississippi and Missouri rivers provide easy access to the
Nation's major rivers and port cities. Barge service is provided to Pike County and
the surrounding area via the Mississippi River (15 mi.) at Louisiana, Missouri. Many
of our existing businesses already take advantage of this form of transportation to
distribute their products and bring in raw materials.
Air Service Bowling Green Municipal Airport is a General B-1 referenced airport that is located two miles northwest of the city. It includes a 3204 ft. single runway with a taxiway system. The Spirit of St. Louis Airport is about 60 miles south with two runways and 24-hour FAA Tower operations. The nearest international airport is Lambert International. Lambert is only 75 miles south with over 1100 flights daily.