Utilities & Media


Electric Service-The incorporated cities (Bowling Green, Louisiana, and Clarksville) are served by Ameren UE Company. Ameren UE can be described as business- friendly, energy-- plentiful, reliable and stable. Ameren UE's overall electric rates are currently 20 percent below the national average. The rural areas of Pike County are serviced by Cuivre River Electric Cooperative and Ralls Co. Electric Cooperative. The Rural Electric Cooperatives also have incentives available to help businesses who are serviced by them.

Natural Gas Service-Ameren UE Company and Atmos Gas serve the incorporated cities of Bowling Green, Louisiana, and Clarksville. Propane gas is available in the Rural areas of Pike County. Also available to companies looking at sites in Bowling Green and Louisiana, is the ANR Pipeline. The pipeline lays just north of both cities.

Water and Sanitation Services-These services are provided by the respective cities.

Radio Station & Newspapers
KJFM 102.1 FM573-754-5102
People's Tribune573-324-6111
Bowling Green Times573-324-2222
Louisiana Press Journal573-754-5566